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A Fresh Interpretation of Modern Media. BUHO 44 is a Media Production company specializing in Scripted Content.

Whether its a 15 second promo for your brand, a commercial, music video, or a full length narrative project— Buho 44 prides itself in the ability to think out every frame, color, and emotion elicited.

Once Development is finished, we select a talented team of Freelancers who are both proven professionals and have the correct sensibilities for your unique, thoughtful, and targeted creation.








San Diego CA



M-F 9am-6pm


Let’s create. Simple. We’ll start with an email or a meeting, the initial goal being to understanding your needs and collaborating on a vision. Once you’re satisfied, the project will enter the first stages of development. Here, our development team will deliver various scripts or treatments to present in the next meeting. Once a vision is agreed upon, the script will be finalized and the project will move into Production.

Production is the physical rendering of the idea. Here is where the concept comes to life by the hands of a director and crew. There are no limitations here, as our team will work tirelessly to ensure the initial vision is brought to the screen. When complete, the footage will be brought to post-production.

Post Production is a collaborative effort between the client and our team. In Post we have all the tools and footage at our disposal to create something spectacular. With a talented editor we will strive to ensure that what was initially proposed in development makes it to the screen.

From there you have your product. Unique, special, and ready to present to the world.